frequently asked questions

Why is it called modu?

Answered by phil on May 20, 2008

It's a made up name. I like how it sounds, and that it reminds me of the word "modular".

Incidentally, the cellphone company launched after the software was well under way. Fortunately, I don't think it's likely that anyone will confuse a cellphone with a web toolkit. ;-)

Isn't there already enough Python web frameworks?

Answered by phil on May 20, 2008

There certainly is.

Why doesn't modu have ORM feature X?

Answered by phil on June 23, 2008

The object-relational mapping layer (aka Storables) is potentially capable of instantiating an object from almost any kind of schema. However, the DefaultFactory implementation that is included with modu only addresses the simplest kinds of queries; to use this default implementation, you must be able to express your query as SELECT * FROM table WHERE col1=val1 [AND col2=val2]...[AND coln=valn]*

However, it's important to understand that although the default implementation is limited in this fashion, you can build custom factories that can load any object that you wish.

Why don't you have a query-building API like Django or TurboGears?

Answered by phil on June 23, 2008

There's technically no reason this couldn't be implemented by a custom Storable factory. modu doesn't include such an API because I spent a long time learning to build efficient queries in SQL, and didn't feel like having to create a whole new syntax just to avoid doing so.

I have found that the current query building code, though simplistic, addresses the majority of the queries needed by the average web application. For more complex queries, including JOINs and other complex calculations, building a properly escaped query for the remaining 10% isseemspretty reasonable.

However, I'm definitely not opposed to including such a feature. I just haven't had time/interest to write it yet.