January 21, 2010

seaflux.com Launches

Another new modu site goes live with the launch of seaflux.com, the home page of my rock band, seaflux. We've been working on this for awhile, and curious passers-by may have even already seen the changes appear briefly as they were written and tested, but now we're open to the public!

Through our virtual presence on the intertubes, you can access all sorts of funky delicious examples of seaflux goodness. Since we record all of our performances, sometimes even in video, we're using this site as a place to store all the excess material that doesn't fit on our various profile pages around the web.

The most work has gone into our audio section, where you can listen to streaming versions of all of our performances, and soon, specially recorded nuggets of aural satisfaction from rehearsals, as well as studio recordings.

Our video section is not quite as full, but that's only a temporary situation. For now you can find only our favorite clips listed there, but until this section is finished you can always see our full collection over at YouTube.

Posted by phil at 09:02 PM